Active Travel Bicycle Loan Scheme

In the current climate, having to rely on public transportation to commute to work is far from ideal, and maintaining social distancing can be difficult. 

Fortunately, commuting by bike is an ideal solution to this, and it has the added benefit of being better for your health, friendlier to the environment, and has a positive impact on traffic congestion.   

Bradford Bikery and their partners CityConnect, Capital of Cycling and Incommunities have come together to create a Free Bicycle loan scheme. 

If you are interested in registering for a free bike loan, please click on the link below and fill out the application form. We’ll try to provide you with a free 2 month bike loan and a good, sturdy bike lock too. 

While loans are initially for 2 months you may be able to  extend your loan dependent on availability.

Apply here: