Current course dates

We’re just setting dates for spring 2017 & will put up booking forms soon! In the meantime, to register your interest in any of the courses listed below, please email us at

Course descriptions

2.5 hour intro to bike maintenance

A useful starting point to help you understand how your bike works. Learn how to do basic adjustments without going to a bike shop, including looking at brakes, gears and puncture repair.

4 hour basic bike maintenance course

A half day course covering adjusting your bike and general set up, m-check, useful basic tools and spares, cleaning and lubrication, adjusting brakes and replacing pads, replacing cables, indexing gears, puncture repair, and chain repair.

16 hour advanced bike maintenance course

Going into more depth on brakes and gears plus: chainset, pedal, chainring and bottom bracket removal and replacement; cassette and free hub removal and replacement; headset adjustment, strip, lube and refit; trailside wheel truing; wheel hub servicing, disc removal and replacement. This course can lead to a qualification from CTC, the national cycling charity.

6 hour wheel-building course

Taught over two sessions, this practical course will introduce you to the craft of bicycle wheel-building, including calculating spoke length, lacing, tensioning, truing, and dishing a wheel.

We have until recently offered courses for the general public free of charge for adults 16+ who live, work or study in West Yorkshire, thanks to a grant from go:cycling. This has now come to an end. However if your organisation or community group would like to enquire about arranging a course please contact us.

We also work with other local organisations to engage adults in training opportunities. This work is funded by the Triangle Trust.